Monthly Archives: June 2012

Back on track. Mostly.

broken home This morning, a little hornet in the bedroom caught my eye. We’re having our kitchen remodeled and a hornet nest got disrupted and destroyed. I’m guessing this was one of the hive members. It was struggling to get outside, climbing up the window, investigating all the corners, crawling up and down and over […]

Music principle

I woke up with Janet Jackson’s song Control in my head this morning, and played Death Cab for Cutie on a loop for most of the afternoon to get it out of my head, but it was quickly replaced with  Stronger by Britney Spears–what the hell is she doing with her tongue as she sings […]


We’re moving. moving does not equal exercise Getting some form of sustained, elevated heart rate activity into a day of moving is nearly impossible for someone like me who doesn’t really want to do it in the first place. Groom and I spent the day packing and cleaning, with short breaks online checking email or […]

It’s just a number

No clock ticks louder than a wall clock that ticks in a doctor’s examination room while you’re waiting to have a biopsy done. When you see an older person walking around with a bandage on her face after an obvious biopsy, you don’t ask, “Oh? What happened?” It’s assumed that person had a carcinoma or […]

Letting go

I lost control of the mower and ran over the exposed cable line outside our house today. Don’t tell Groom. Our mower is a self-propelled walking unit that you control by squeezing levers on the hand grips. If you squeeze the right hand grip, the mower turns to the right. Squeeze the left, it moves […]

The Empty Lot

All I wanted Saturday afternoon as I was heading out of town toward Boston was a pile of french fries and a hot dog. I’m not even kidding. What I got instead was a blueberry pancake (yummy), a bag of almonds (meh), a banana (okay), and a handful of popcorn (tragic and stale). First of […]

Local Music

this frigging thing It appears as though I didn’t post anything yesterday. I’m extremely flattered that even one person noticed–yes, I’m talking to you, Kate. Writing these posts, although I use them as a means for accountability, feels really narcissistic. I mean, how many people say, “I have a blog”? And, how many times when […]

Big plans, little accomplishments

My plan for today was simple. Get up early, eat some oatmeal (traceable) with strawberries (local) and maple syrup (local), spend an hour outside moving some of the bricks piled in the yard from one spot to another (strengthening activity), then come inside to work on some freelance until noon. Eat lobster salad (local) for […]

Wheels on the bus

I fell twice when I hiked up to take this photo In the winter, I walk my dog two, three, sometimes four or five times a day. I don’t ski every day, but I ski probably three or four times a week. Other than that, all forms of exercise consist of schlepping my ass up […]

…the livin’ is easy

it’s a pretty nice path I fully realize my new path of eating local foods and working some form of physical activity into my day is super easy when you consider I have no kids and few responsibilities, there are walking trails all around my house, it’s summertime so the garden is full, and I […]