Day 7, Part two

Day 7, part two

Because I need to document every little thing like I’m Madonna and Warren Beatty, I need to mention I just got off the elliptical for my daily form of exercise. But, there’s another reason I’m bringing it up. I punched a 20-minute aerobic workout into the machine, grabbed my proofreading project and my red pencil, and got started. It was so super easy and I was cruising along thinking, “Wow. I guess editing distracts me more than watching TV. Huh. Interesting.”

The only thing was, the machine kept beeping at me. As it turns out, every time I wrote with my pencil, I was pressing into the console and choosing a new routine. I added a comma, I started an aerobic routine. I fixed a hyphen, I started a fat burning routine. An actual text rewrite took me through a performance routine, into endurance, and settled on ‘weight loss 4.’ Every beep brought me back to  the lowest level, so I was just breezing along.

After maybe five minutes of deluding myself into thinking I am getting super strong and the elliptical isn’t challenging enough for me, I figured it out and dropped my pencil. I switched to a straight 20-minute sweaty aerobic routine while watching a repeat of “Parks and Recreation,” which, as luck would have it, was about how corn syrup is bad and how “nutritious” energy bars from candy companies are definitely not “nutritious.” And how we’re all a bunch of fat people. .ivanC13400501211483{position:absolute;visibility:hidden;}


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