Monthly Archives: July 2012

Already slipping

Yikes. I’m already falling behind. First of all, I’d like to point out I worked my arms on the elliptical yesterday and I’ve been wondering all day what’s wrong with my forearms because they are sore and stiff and…oh yeah…I worked my arms on the elliptical yesterday. I should get a picture of myself when […]

Two steps forward

Last week, while I was limping around on my bad foot, a friend who drove up to see me, pointed to my Ace bandage and said, “Are you on another exercise kick? Don’t you know you’re supposed to start slow, Devlin?!” Oh my god, are you kidding me?? I was taking it slow and, now, […]

Mow Mow Mow

One of the things I handle in the summer, and this is fairly recent–like, since Groom broke his leg a year ago–is mowing the lawn. In fact, I’ve used it as my form of activity this summer. I think Groom and I are having a bit of a struggle over it. I consider it my […]

From the elliptical to eugenics

Yesterday, I received the following advice in a private message: “JEEZUS! Lighten up.” The writer had read my post and contends that people need people around them in order to thrive; he even used solitary confinement, or a night in the box, as the ultimate example of the ultimate punishment. I agree with him, but […]

Starting over

from this How do I explain myself? I went from eating fresh fruits and greens and getting exercise every day to sitting on my ass doing nothing. My entire experiment in this blog fell apart completely when I found myself eating two hot dogs, a bunch of fries, and multiple cups of Bud (heavy) at […]

Hero complex

I’m sorry I didn’t update yesterday. I wasn’t doing anything in particular. I just wanted to spend some time by the window. It was far too hot to move and I fell asleep in the chair like some old lady napping after lunch only to be awakened by a cool breeze. Huzzah. Finally! So, I […]

Doing my part

I haven’t gotten a lick of activity in these past couple of days. I’m thinking I might have my ankle looked at, but we’re getting low in our HSA–that’s a Health Savings Account for people who don’t have one. I didn’t know what an HSA was either until Groom put it together. But, I might […]


I need to start thinking about my next step. In many ways, I’m pretty happy about thinking about my next step. I’m also worried about it. I’m not very good at sticking with a plan unless I introduce that plan to my life very slowly. As I’ve mentioned before, Groom and I were married for […]

Big changes and, yes, I’m stalling

I like cilantro. Believe me, I’m just as disappointed as you are. After years of equating the flavor of cilantro to dish detergent mixed with dirt, I suddenly find myself tasting fresh, green yumminess instead. I have no idea how this change came about and, frankly, I’m really unhappy about it. What other things are […]


organic and local, but still iron chefed Let’s talk about the food first, yeah? Last night, groom and I shared some organic wheat and butternut squash ravioli nestled in sage brown butter accompanied by a pile of vegetables roasted in the oven with basil from the garden and topped with a hint of grated parmesan […]