hey helen

After a summer of house arrest with no car, I realize how lazy I really am. I’m back for my fourth season working full time at a ski mountain and it’s simply exhausting to go to an office. I don’t know how you people do it.

In the summer, I walk downstairs, make some coffee, feed the dog, wander over to my computer, work. Sometimes I might put on a pair of pants. Occasionally, a bra.

These days, I get up early, get the coffee going, iron a shirt or a pair of trousers, hop in the shower, put on my freshly pressed clothes, decide I look terrible, throw the clothes on the bed, pick something else, try it on, repeat.

Sip some coffee, blow dry my hair, put on some makeup, decide I have VPL, change my trousers. Again.

Make a lunch, pack a small cooler, realize I haven’t eaten breakfast.

Grab a yogurt, toss an orange in my bag, leave the condo.

Go back inside the condo to grab my damn to-go mug because I forgot the damn thing, walk four flights of stairs to the parking lot, see the dumpster.

Walk back upstairs, bundle up the stinky trash, walk back downstairs, discard trash in dumpster.

Drive to work, park the car, walk across the parking lot (uphill both ways), walk three flights to my office.

Work a normal day, walk back down to my car, drive back to the condo, climb four flights of stairs. Open my computer, work on freelance.

Help myself to a slice of pecan pie, set alarm, crawl into bed.

All I can think is, please dear god, let this count as exercise. Can you imagine if I had kids? I am a top candidate for leaving an occupied child seat on top of my car.

But, today, something motivated me to get my ass into gear after this spate of busy work time. How many times have I had something motivate me and how many times have I come up with excuses to avoid exercise? Well, here’s another.

I saw a video of myself today and as funny as people think it is, all I see is my BINGO arms, otherwise known as “Hey Helens,” and my floppy abs.

And why do I keep touching my boobs?

Hey, the team I helped for Reach the Beach is hoping to win a video contest in order to maybe get a free entry in next year’s race. So, if you have a moment, can you like their video? I’m unclear as to where the video needs to be “liked,” whether it’s Facebook or YouTube, so like it on Facebook and we’ll hope for the best. Here is the page; the video was posted by Kate Crooker.

Oh my god that’s complicated. If you do it, I’ll buy you a beer. I’m still pretty much on the wagon, but for this? I suppose I can sacrifice myself and have a beer with you.

Sarah Devlin

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Sarah Devlin has been writing about the recreational industry since the late ’90s but ironically can’t run, swim, or bike a mile.