Monthly Archives: October 2012


As of today, I’ve been married to Groom for eight years. Many people have heard stories about our wedding; I don’t know whether it’s worth getting into it here. Let me make a quasi word cloud for you: rainy windy burgundy warehouse COCKTAILS music curtains food costumes gold CARNIVAL smoke chocolate feathers blackness pantomime skeletons […]

Kelsey Grammer

he hates these stairs I haven’t been getting any exercise, unless you count walking the dog a couple times a day, and that’s just so boring. I’m still trying very hard to stay away from processed and non-local foods, but I do work within striking distance of a vending machine that is always stocked with […]

Secret shopper

been doing a lot of this but not much else I think I may have come up with the best new job. First of all, I’m sorry for being so quiet lately. I worked something like 70 hours the week before last and about 55 hours last week. Quick recap: I’ve walked the dog quite […]

turkey run

Do you know, writing this blog makes me feel the way a good workout must make athletic people feel? It cheers me up and it calms me down. Add a glass of wine, and we’re looking at a perfect evening. But, here’s the thing. In the morning, I write emails to people about marina stuff. […]

afternoon delight

tragic delicious You want honest? I’ll bring you honest. No activity today and I ate a bag of Bugles. And they were delicious. I was eating an orange but it was so tragically dry and sad, I needed to make myself feel better by eating a bag of processed sodium. Don’t judge. We drove from […]

slippery shame slope

I was feeling so proud of myself today because I managed to get my car registered with only a few mishaps and then I saw on Facebook that an acquaintance of mine ran 50 miles this weekend. But you know what? Considering she looks like Sarah Connor and I look more like Pizza the Hutt, […]