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The virtues of going local gone awry

the good life Groom has a sweet gig and lives a good life. This is because he works hard and he really cares about things, but he doesn’t care so much that he becomes strident or shrieky. It’s annoying, frankly. I end up getting irritated with him for seemingly innocuous things mostly because, he’s such […]

new body

I don’t always like to work out–in fact many days I hate it–but boy do I love the feeling I have after I work out. I breathe better, stand taller, and feel stronger, even if I’ve worked my legs hard enough for them to shake. Heh. That never happens. I don’t work my body that […]


That’s her holding the Elvis album I popped into Facebook this morning and noticed it’s Mother’s Day. I wrote about Father’s Day last year. I tend to write these posts after working out, mostly because my energy is up and mostly because the entire function of this blog is to write about gaining strength and […]

Waking my Metabolism

There was a guy at the gym today in a dress shirt, khakis, and boat shoes. Another guy was wearing a giant gray sweatshirt with a towel wrapped around his neck like he was Rocky Balboa, or more accurately Mickey Goldmill. Another guy, super thin, was doing lunges around the equipment. And, another guy sat […]

I can work Ryan Gosling into any conversation

hello, old friend I have nothing extraordinary to report. I spent yesterday working and writing and being generally kind of maudlin and then spent about an hour and a half mowing the lawn, which turns out to be good exercise, as I’ve noted many, many times in the past. An added benefit to springtime mowing […]

Redefining what’s tragic

This past winter, I was describing to a work friend a Louis CK bit about life and health in our 40s. In short, I said to her, I realized it would not be tragic if I died at this age. It’s not like someone would read my obituary and think, “Oh, so young!” Childless and […]

Hershey Kisses and the City of Ships

I have an Achilles Heel. Well, two actually. Hershey Kisses and Hahn’s End cheese. If I were to get stranded on a deserted island, the three items of food I would want most are Standard Baking baguette, arugula, and Hahn’s End cheese or maybe Appleton Creamery goat cheese in olive oil–that stuff is amazing. I […]

First Friday, Music, Sushi, Whatnot

music at Ruski’s I love First Friday. Here’s the thing, I never end up going into the galleries–and truth be told, I can’t afford any art right now anyway. But, I love heading into town and seeing all the people wander around. Springtime and Christmas are, hands down, the best times to go to First […]

flibbertigibbet: the flake post

no cheese, no butter, no fruity cocktail I’ve lost six pounds this week. I know my ultimate goal here is strength, not weight loss, but I’m a little bit psyched. It’s amazing what you can achieve if you cut butter, cheese, and Coco Lopez from your diet. For exercise, I’m sticking mostly to the elliptical […]

Gull Rock

Because of my post yesterday in which I confess that I need a swimming lesson, my sister–the one who swims, not to be confused with the one who runs, which I suppose makes me the one who skis–suggested we swim together this summer at the lake where we spent our summers. She suggested laps out […]