Monthly Archives: September 2013

Let’s go for a walk

I’m hopped up on steroids and I have to tell you I can’t even believe how unbelievable this is. That’s a dumb sentence. I just mean, I mean, I crossed a page of “to do” items off my work list, I’ve done four loads of laundry, I cooked a vegan(ish) lentil soup (fat-free chicken stock […]

Not really vegan, more vegan…ish

I know I was all kinds of freaked out in my last post but lately I’m thinking, jeez. What a luxury it is to be able to afford, and be able to take the time to shop for, organic produce and cook vegan-ish foods. I started writing about minimum wage and how processed foods are […]

The doctor says…

I’m sitting in a house that smells like bacon. Normally, that would make for a spectacular morning–locally cured bacon from a pig farm in the western part of the state? Hell yeah. But, I got some disturbing news. Let me start by admitting I haven’t written much this summer because I haven’t had much to […]

Coming out

Ed Note: My brother just reminded me that this actually happened on Easter, which really adds to, as he put it, the “Yak Attack.”  This has nothing to do with anything, but I made a comment about reprimanding a Jew for eating shrimp in another post and I was reminded of a story about my […]

the thin blue line

I’m going to state right away that I’m writing this under the influence. I just got back from having an MRI (I did not drive), and I’m all kinds of relaxed from the Valium. I was so nervous about sticking my head in a tube and honestly thought of preparing for it by diving headfirst […]

a superficial life

I don’t want this to turn into a blog about pain and sickness, so I’ll say upfront and only once, just walking an hour a day relieves a lot of the discomfort I’ve been experiencing because of my back. The other day I dove my head under water (oh, yes, I’d been practicing the swimming […]