Monthly Archives: October 2013

and it was worth it

Hoo boy. I screwed up. What started as a 12-hour break from vegan-ish-pescatarian-ism gradually turned into a 24-hour break…36 hours…48…an even three days. Fine. It was four. But I had a great weekend. And, I reminded myself that I am now very careful about what I ingest so I can have such a weekend of […]


Because I can’t do much more than walk lately, I am focusing on food. I know. Whatever. Shut up. I took a bunch of pictures of dinner the past couple of nights and I hate to delete them from my phone before showing you some deliciousness, and some not so deliciousness. I mean, it’s hit […]

in time for the holidays

Sometimes eating vegan doesn’t need to have a vegan label. What I mean is, sometimes a yummy dish just happens to be vegan at the same time. I’ve received plenty of advice and recipes and such from friends and readers, for which I wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you. Dinner the other night […]

empowerment in a flawed system

I’m obsessed with Miley Cyrus. There. I said it. Don’t get me wrong; I am exhausted by the whole VMA conversation, like anyone else, but I have questions. When was the last time you paid attention to the VMAs? Can you name another recent performance? Can you name any other performance from the night of […]

the activity post

I’ve talked so much about food. I’m getting bored. Let’s talk about activity. As you know, I can’t do much with this ruptured disc. I suppose I could go to the Y and get on a bike machine and sit straight up on it. Actually, that’s a good idea. Next time. maybe he can smell […]

The I in Lie

i have no reason to include this image other than to prove I’ve been walking I lied to a doctor yesterday. And I broke my diet. I hate talking about real pain. Don’t get me wrong. If I’m emotionally hurt, I will shout it from the rooftops. If Groom has to hear “Can we talk […]

where’s the beef?

Today, as I was searching for some ding-dang dagnabit seitan (denied at Shaw’s in Bath and Brunswick, denied at Hannaford in Brunswick, denied at Morning Glory, denied at Bath Natural Market), I had a bit of a talk with myself. This had turned into a Quixotic mission of epic proportions. (Oh, hello hyperbole…really? My search […]

lost in translation

No seitan. I’ve seen it all over the place, but the one time I want to actually cook it to curb my craving for meat, I can’t find it. Granted, I looked only at Shaw’s and the local IGA, but the Bath Natural Market was closed and I didn’t want to drive all the way […]

salmon days

coho salmon, mango salsa My friend Mo made me a salad with seitan on it once, way back in time, like when I was still living on Ramen noodles and baked potatoes. I was so poor, I considered it a treat if I could walk down to the bagel place attached to Green Mountain coffee […]

Quinoa salad

I have been experimenting with food and I’ve had a million things going on. I do have a bunch of ideas for blog posts and I promise I’ll update the blog for real. But, for now, Groom and I just made such a delicious lunch, I want to share the recipe–one, so you can make […]