Monthly Archives: January 2014

words are important

Even though I’m definitely not recovering from surgery anymore–I mean, I have this low hum of very mild pain and I’m careful about what I lift and all, but for the most part, I’m fine–I do still spend a lot of time doing nothing, which leads to a lot of time thinking. I’m sure I […]

“You’re a fraud.”

[This post was initially supposed to be about packing food for a weekend-long party when you’re trying to watch what you eat. I failed with the eating and I failed with this blog post. Enjoy.] Someone called me a fraud the other day. I laughed and heartily agreed. “Yes ma’am, I am!” She didn’t even […]

defining disappointment

Well? I’m disappointed.  I dislike this feeling, but who doesn’t? I’m the first to admit I was raised in suburbia with very few problems and very few needs or wants, and though I had suffered the same disappointment any suburban kid experiences (didn’t get the bike for Christmas, didn’t get to go bowling with my […]

this little piggy ate roast beef

I’ve hit the skids. It all started when my friend Hollander showed up last week and fried some of her Vietnamese spring rolls made with ground chicken. No wait. It all started Christmas Eve when Groom and I went to Camp and ate cheeseburgers, french fries, sweet potato tater tots, and if I recall correctly […]